Nov 3, 2008

Be a man, again! Fireworks film is coming

I've been looking for films about Yen-Shui firecracker for a long time since the post released. It's crazy, isn't it? The oringinal post is here: Be a man! Facing millions of explosing fireworks coming to you

And special thanks to Komod's support for these films! More about Yen-Shui firecracker ceremony on his YouTube:komodWang

HD film here.

HD film here.

Oct 25, 2008

Besides Hotel

Such a large living room. Thanks for Redgo Motel supporting the pictures thus click will link to Redgo's home.

Taiwanese not only enjoy having a lot of choices available while eating and drinking, but also when they try to find a perfect place to stay for their vocations. Finding a place to stay is the most important thing next to transportation. People usually think about booking a hotel while traveling, but in the recent 10 years, even the 4 star hotels couldn’t help loosing part of their customer to these high flamboyant rivals─motel.
Private poor for you only. Picture provided by Redgo Motel.

Motels began their transformation about 10 years ago. Owners remodeled their motels to catch tourists’ eyes and it has become a trend ever since. Some of them have fancy interior designs that can beat 4-star-hotels, and some of them have many special offers with acceptable price one many not find available at hotels like Hilton or Holiday Inn.

Common amenities in motel are as follow:

Romantic brdroomBathroom under the sky
◎40+ inches of plasma or LCD TV and complete Dolby surround sound home theater set.
◎LCD TV within the bathroom.
◎Super Calf. King size mattress with extraordinary bedding.
◎Whole living room furniture set.
◎Cable TV plus latest video on demand, FREE! (Do you think hotel can beat this service?)
◎Karaoke equipments.
◎Plus size Jacuzzi.
◎Free bottle water and snack or mini bar.
◎Most of the room size is at least 100 square meters.
◎Optional private entrance with private elevator form gorage to room.
◎Optional massage chair.
◎Optional sauna inside the room
◎Optional private indoor pool, some located outside the French door, and some located on the 1st floor with bed room on the 2nd floor.
Another private poorAnother STANDARD bedroom

On the other hand, the splendid interior design a motel offers can satisfy any kinds of customer’s demands. Unlike the regular hotels, one motel can offer room with 5-10 different themes of interior decoration. For example, common ones like Bali villa style, Egyptian style, tropical rainforest style, a la mode style, retro modern style, Andy Warhol’s pop art style, and Japanese Zen style. What is more, good news for the movie maniac! Motels also offer rooms that decorate to fit different movies such as “Star War”, “Men in Black”, “Gone with the Wind”, “101 Dalmatians”, and many more for customer to find out.
STANDARD living room with garden in front

With gorgeous interior and amenities, the price range for fancy motels located in Taipei or Taichung are about 3,000-5,000 NTD for one night, better ones are about 7,000 NTD per night. But others located at suburb areas are usually cheaper. As a matter of fact, not all motels finish their “transformation” yet. Most of the motels in small towns are still more like economy level resting places for dating couples. If you are interested to experience a luxurious motel stay, the following motel website list has more information. Or maybe you can ask a Taiwanese friend for some help.

Famous motels’ website:
My best choice:
(Locate in JohnHwa LuGun(彰化 鹿港). Pictures above are all from this motel.)
Luxurious motel pioneer in Taipei:
Pretty famous motel in Taipei:
Finest one in Taichung:
Premium quality one in Kaohsiung:

Motel search engine:

Oct 24, 2008

Skip water, try hundreds of drinks: In convenient stores

We exceed our life-time coke drinking quota during our little adventure in Europe due to the very limited (a.k.a. poor) selection of beverages available. Believe it or not, it is unacceptable by a Taiwanese tourist because when talking about beverage in Taiwan; it’s a whole different story.

We are the beverage experts.

Millions and millions of drinks are produced everyday to support our market demands on this compact island called Taiwan. And yet, more and more interesting and maybe even functional drinks are invented on a daily bases to challenge “beverage experts” like us. It is not strange to see people spend more than ten minutes standing in front of the open fridge in the 7-11 to make a final decision of what he or she is going to drink this time. And the premise is: this person have already made a selection from traditional tea houses, modernized beverage stands, frozen drink shops, tea shake shop…et cetera.
Just a very very small part of all drinks in the store

In general, there are several main categories for beverage appears in the market here. Coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, tea, juice, yogurt drinks, sports drinks, and traditional sweet drinks. As you can imagine, under these categories, different flavor, different concentration, or different sweetness that varies these drinks from one to the other.

For Instance, just the coffee alone, there are more then 10 companies that makes coffee you can easily named. With every individual brand, there are always at least more than three different flavors of coffee for you to choose from, such as caramel, vanilla, or hazel nut. Overall, you get more than 30 different options when you want a cup of coffee! Same as coffee, one can easily find alcoholic drinks that are produced locally or imported from all over the world. From Germany beer to Japanese sake; from French pinot noir to Australian shiraz; there are shops that carry any kind of booze you can think of. If you think this is enough for a customer to choose from, wait until you see the tea category.
Alcohol, wine, and beer

Tea is the largest category among beverages. Common ones you may find are: oolong(烏龍茶), pu-er(浦耳茶), jasmine green tea(茉莉綠茶), milk tea(奶茶), chrysanthemum tea, Japanese mocha(日式抹茶) and Black tea(紅茶) like Darjeeling(大吉嶺), Assam(阿薩姆), and Earl Gray. Customers can find these tea from different places of origin, different flush and oxidation. What is more, some merchants add modernized flavors and transformed it totally. Variations like sugarless, diet, honey added, plum added, mixed with juice, or blend with herb are easily find on the market. Recently, tea is also manufactured with “functions” like weight watching, digestive system health promoting, and energy boosting to not only attract people but also add more varieties into beverages.
Lots of tea

Last but not least, the traditional sweet drinks. In spite of fancy flavors, traditional sweets have an easier to approach look than the bottle drinks mentioned above. Besides the convenient store, traditional drinks stands are scatter around every city in Taiwan to offer everybody a run-away from summer heat or winter chill.
Ai-yu(愛玉) jelly drink, sweet peanut soup, honey white gourd dew, Taiwanese herb drink, grass jelly drink, sour sweet plum drink, red bean soup, mung bean shake, and mung bean knojac soup are the most common traditional drinks available. If you think the common drinks listed here is all we have in Taiwan, welcome to stop by and discover many more! Besides the huge selections of beverage one can choose from, maybe the customer-friendly price is one more thing you will truly appreciate when you seek for something to drink in Taiwan.